The Simple Truth About African Black Soap

The Truth About African Black Soap

You must have heard of black soap at some point in your life. At least everyone who is affectionate in looking good and having flawless skin has.

Do you have skin or hair ailments, but skeptical about the use of this soap?

The simple truth about african black soap is that it is great for all skin types, hair types due to its all organic ingredients.

See the many Benefits of African Black Soap

Brief History of African Black Soap

Black soap history dates back to many years back among the Western Africa women. It is handmade using secret recipes and over a period of time. The production of black soap is usually considered in Western Africa as a women job.

It is also known in other native names such as Sabulun Salo, Ose Dudu and Ncha Nkota has been in existence from time immemorial. It is an African indigenous soap. It is known to work wonders on the skin and hair and anyone who has used it can attest to this. Its prominence was however not high until recently when more and more people started including it in their skin care regimen. This product is now indeed being sold all over, even on Amazon, the greatest online store in the world. This just shows that it is no longer only an African affair.

The African black soap has been known to cure a number of skin conditions such as acne and eczema, and many loyal consumers use it as their daily bath soap for their families.

Women in Nigeria and Ghana usually go through a long and tedious process to come up with this wonder. The ingredients are sun dried after which they are roasted at very constant temperatures which is essential for the production`s success. This is later mixed with essential oils which include shea butter and coconut oil. The mixing is a long process as it should be continuous for over one day. The fact that it is a manually done task makes it really tiring. You have to respect these women. The mixture is then left to settle for at least two weeks before it is released to the market, where you can access it and enjoy its benefits.

It is clear from the above process that African Black Soap is a natural product, no machines or chemicals are added during its production.

The only original Black Soap comes from Western Africa, in Nigeria and Ghana. In the recent past, more and more businessmen are claiming to be selling Africa black soap many which may be imitations. It is good to note that the best of this product is usually sold in its raw form. Black soap is made from ashes of locally harvested plants and barks such as cocoa pods, plantain, palm tree leaves and shea tree. Various Ghana and Nigeria native tribes have different secret recipes that all serve the same purposes. This explains the variations in the brownish colors of the soap.

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