Shea Moisture African Black Soap Review

Carolines story

Before Shea moisture African black soap bar soap.

I have a mildly oily skin that had always given me sleepless nights as it was acne susceptible had blemishes blackheads and rashes from time to time. I searched everywhere and anywhere for a working solution to no avail. I tried Proactiv, Palmer’s shear butter, St. Ives, moisturizing creams,tea tree oil and aloe, well the list is endless but to make the long story short they failed me over and over. I shied away from parties or any social events as I was extremely conscious about the state of my skin. And to rub salt into the raw wound I was diagnosed with eczema as well. Well, it was a bitter tale and pill to swallow.

After encounter with Shea moisture African black soap bar soap.

One fine morning, a heaven sent friend of mine- who was aware of my predicament- brought with her the lifesaving Shea butter African black soap bar soap and my narrative changed since then. I wash my face every night and morning. It has a beautiful smell. After using the soap my face began to even out in a span of two days. The soap works better if used alongside apple, cider and vinegar or water toner. Surprisingly, the clearing extended to my back that was also badly affected. Apart from the clearing the eczema also vanished into the thin air. And the icing on the cake is that I got to learn that African black bar soap with butter takes care of dry itchy skin, psoriasis and dandruff. It wouldn’t get any better. I definitely give this soap a 5 star rating. Well, after the amazing results I set out to research on the incredibility of this magical soap and here is my analysis:


African Shea butter

This is the most central ingredient and has good reasons to be in Shea moisture African black soap. Shea butter deeply penetrates the skin and insulates moisture from leaving the skin making it moisturized and hence supple. It also has incredible skin healing attributes that are one of a kind. It is sourced from Shea tree seeds without incorporation of any chemicals. Shea tree is also referred to as karate tree meaning tree of life. And sure enough this tree’s extract (Shea butter) gives life to many spheres of our lives. The wide range of benefits include: eradication of skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, blemishes, fine lines, skin allergies, sunburns, frostbites insect bites, skin dryness, itching skin, skin cracks, rough foot skin, stretch marks, minor skin wounds, skin peeling and muscle aches and fatigue. Additionally Shea butter in this soap acts as a shaving cream to sooth the skin after shaving and as fatigue reliever after straining exercises. The Vitamin E found in Shea butter has also a number of benefits. It has anti-aging and anti-free radical agent properties.


Originally oats were used for skin beatification in Egypt. That role has not changed. Oats treat acne by doing away with excess oil and bacteria from the skin and also by exfoliating dead skin cells. They contain polysaccharides which when dipped into water turns to gelatinous forming a skin shield that keeps dryness at bay. This applies to other dry skin conditions such as itching, scales and peeling. Oats serve as a moisturizer too by penetrating deep into the skin and forming a protective shield next to the skin. In the process minor wounds and abrasions are healed. Oats’ protein protects the skin against damaging chemicals, eczema, rosacea and also rashes. With saponins as natural cleansers oats removes oil and dirt from the clogged pores making the skin soft and smooth. Finally oats are used for skin lightening, skin tone and texture.

Tamarind extract

Contains antibacterial properties that prevents skin infections. Oxloglycans contained in tamarind extracts aid small minor treatment of skin rashes.

Tar peel

Used as a skin mask to exfoliate the skin.

Plantain peel

Contains vitamins A &E and iron. Vitamin A increase the production of collagen that keeps the skin strong maintaining its structure and replacing the dead skin cells for a lovelier skin. On the other hand Vitamin E helps in healing and making the skin soft and smooth.

Vegetable Glycerin

Glycerin found in Shea moisturizer African black bar soap acts as a cleanser as it removes dirt, dust and excess oils that clog the skin pores and acts as a toner to resulting to a balanced skin tone. Other benefits include working as a moisturizer by retaining moisture in the skin, smoothens the skin especially the hands, heals the cracks on the foot heels, clears off scars from burns as well as acne’s, removes acne, pimples and blackheads, since it is non-toxic it treats flaky lips, acts as a sunscreen to put sunburns at bay, fades away the fine lines and the wrinkles leaving the skin firmer and looking younger as a result.

Palm Ash

Palm leaves contain allatonin that aids in renewing and regenerating cells of the skin hence clears out blemishes and scarring.

Rosemary Extract.

Rosemary extract has anti-inflammatory qualities that aid in minimizing swellings and skin puffiness. It removes acne and blemishes and also lightens the skin especially the dark spots. Rosemary extract has a calming effect that aids in solving a variety of skin issues.

Iron Oxides

It is used to colour the soap and is inorganic. It has delicate unique odour.


Has a mild fragrance that works well for those allergic to strong smells.

Lathers easily and quickly

Exfoliates the skin naturally

Acts as an anti-ageing product to make the skin more firm.

Produces results quick within 1-3 weeks.

It is required in small amounts hence is very economical

Works well for oily skins as it absorbs the excess oils.

Its solves a wide variety range of skin problems

It is largely natural with no synthetic chemicals.

It is has a pocket friendly price.

Perfectly and effectively cleanses the skin

Hydrates and calms the skin.

Cures zits and evens out dry spots

Comes as a huge bar hence long life.

Does not burn the eyes.

Effective service and delivery.


It may not go down well with some of the dry skins however such can opt for organic African black soap.

The company accused of being ethically-bankrupt for neglecting the initial major customer base of black woman for the whites.

Some dermatologists claim that there no studies carried out to authenticate that the soaps works to treat acne and dark spots

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