Best Recipe for Making DIY African Black Soap Shampoo and Body Wash That Will Save You $100 a year

I am sure you will agree with me when I say:

The proof ain’t always in the pudding when it comes to washing your hair with store bought shampoos…….

Nowadays, shampoos are loaded with harsh chemicals that do your hair and scalp more harm than good.

Dryness, flakiness, dandruff……check check check!!!

If you love your hair, you will discontinue the trial and error hair wash with branded shampoos….and embrace the holy grail which countless women around the world have used to revive their damaged hair.

Permit me to preach to you about this extremely rich hair food.


Lets open our hair bible  to the book of African black soap shampoo…..

chapter 1 ….hair growth,

Verse 1 ….. Damage control

now  read!!

What is African Black soap Shampoo and What types of hair is the Shampoo good for?

Black soap is a concoction made from organic all natural materials….by African women in Ghana, Nigeria, and other west African countries

A lot of people think that because this is an African soap, therefore the soap or shampoo is only good for African American hair.


This shampoo is a no brainer. It if fabulous for all types of hair.

If you have dreadlocks, blond hair, coloured hair, indian hair, chinese hair, brazillian hair, weavon, kids hair etc, no matter the texture of your hair, you want to join the the black soap shampoo band wagon if you are interested in having health hair


Types of ABS Shampoo and Body wash

There are basically two types of shampoo which are equally perfect as a body wash and face wash

  • Black soap shampoo bar
  • Liquid African black soap shampoo


Black Soap Shampoo Bar

Just like the title says, this is simply a bar of pure natural  soap that you can straight away use as a shampoo. It is very rich with all the good stuff you need for hair growth.

All you need for this recipe is to unwrap the bar or soap and place in a good soap dish that does not retain water and shampoo away.

Dudu Osun soap bar is a good choice

Note the point about the soap dish. The black has a soft consistency which allows it to melt easily so if you leave it in a soap dish that does not drain water, you will find that over time, the bar of soap  will absorb all the water in the dish and become mushy and yucky.


Liquid African Blacks soap shampoo

There are liquid branded black soap shampoo out there like the shea moisture, Nubian heritage and alaffia which can serve the purpose, but i suppose if you are reading this article, you intend to DIY your own shampoo.

Why buy already made when you can save loads of money doing your homemade concoction.

It is so easy ….a two year old will be able to whip up a good concoction for her doll’s hair.

Trust me on this one.

Using Black soap as Body Wash

There are a lot of organic agricultural byproducts which go into the making of blacksoap. These all have huge amounts of potassium and sodium compounds which are excellent for cleansing the skin (…source). The soap

The recipe for the shampoo and body wash are the same, the only difference is that you might want to whisk in a tiny amount of  Xanthan gum, in your recipe to give it a shower gel consistency.

You can also throw in some lavender oils of any scented oil of your choice.

These are the ingredients you will need.

Ingredients In African Black Soap bodywash and Shampoo Recipe.

The recipe for making  black shampoo is pretty simple and the ingredients are readily available online on Amazon, Walmart or Target.

All you need is a shampoo base and some melted oils, some containers and these stuff: – (all optional)

A bar of raw African black soap

Squeeze bottles

Glass jars

Coconut oil

Shea butter

Jojoba oil

Vegetable Glycerine

Tea Tree Oil

Agan oil

Castor Oil


What is a base? you might ask



Making The Base of The Liquid Dark Soap Shampoo

Personally, when I make my own shampoo, I prefer to make a month’s worth of base, because I like to use different oils for my hair. I wash my hair fairly regularly, so this allows me to take a little of the base each time and use with a different combination of oils for each wash.

The base !

Yah…this is nothing fancy.

A base is just basically melting the  soap in water…bish and bash.. bosh.

STEP 1: Chop soap to pieces

Take a bar of all natural, pure and unadulterated African black soap and chop it into bits, the soap is quite soft, therefore it allows you work with it easily.

Depending on the type you get, you can even crumble it off with your hands

STEP 2 : Mix soap in container of water

Put the chopped soap into a large bowl, or your recycled shampoo bottles or any container of your choice, and pour some warm or cold water into the container.

Here the best way will be to eyeball the water measurement depending on the thickness of the shampoo you want to achieve.

If are using bottles, make sure you do not fill this up to the brim as you need to allow some space for the oils and the shaking of the bottle.

You wanna do this step over night to ensure that all the soap is properly dissolved.

Photo credits Youmans Touch Wellness


Great! Now that we have our base,

If you still have your chemistry lab coat from school, now is the time to bring it out….you wanna feel like you are doing some great science project…which you are. …A healthy hear concoction!!

If you have kids, let them join in,

If you have a husband of a BF, make him think you are mixing a love potion:):)


Now I will like to show you the many oils that you can add to your base to yield great results.

African Black Soap Shampoo mixed with Coconut oil for Hair Growth and smooth skin

Photo credits :David Wolfe

Coconut oil not only makes your skin smoother than a baby’s bum, it is also fantastic for your hair. This cosmetic science  research shows that coconut oil has rich triglyceride properties

  • which allows the oils to penetrate through the hair shafts.
  • These properties also make it great for reducing protein loss in damaged and undamaged hair.
  • It is highly rich in fatty acids and many essential vitamins, which helps remove sebum, hence nourishing dry scalp and hence helps your hair to grow faster.
  • And a  perfect addition when making your own  black soap shampoo as the benefits of both combination created hair conditioning effect that helps fight dandruff, flakiness, hair dryness, alopecia and other hair ailments.
  • This keeps the skin smooth all day long

How to use with shampoo

No matter the brand of coconut oil you have, there is every likelihood that oil will congeal when the weather is cold, so all you need to do is just to scoop the quantity you need, place in a small bowl and put over hot water to let the steam melt the coconut oil.

Or simply microwave it for a few seconds!!

Add it to a portion of your base and….voala’…you have a deep cleansing, deep moisturizing all organic hair wash gel which will help tame your frizz and control dandruff.

Another great  you can add to your base is  Shea Butter.


African Black Soap Shampoo Mixed with Shea Butter for Deep Hair Conditioning



Now this oil is the god father of majority of all brands of creams, soaps, shampoos etc.

The American Shea Butter Institute has found shea butter to have a a high healing fraction due to the many important vitamins and phytonutrients that aid in super fast healing and moisturizing.

No wonder!!

Down in Nigeria,they put this stuff on everything from hair to stretch marks and massaging of broken legs.

The rich properties in the oil serve as scalp food and an excellent moisturizer, so adding it to the black shampoo base will work wonders for your hair in a short period of time..

If this is your first time of using Shea butter,  here is a quick warning!

This oil has a weird smell…


But it is not long lasting, it goes away within minutes of adding it to your hair or skin so don’t be afraid to use it.

There are many fake butters out there. When you buy the butter, make sure it is the unadulterated, unrefined, pure, raw organic one from West Africa that has not been chemically tampered with to change the smell.


Bottom line!


If you buy any shea butter that smells like strawberry or lemon….. You wanna do this:):)


How to use with black shampoo

Just like the coconut oil, This comes in a congealed mass  or a mushy blob so that you will need to melt it in the microwave before adding to a container of your african dark shampoo mix




ALOE VERA JUICE   – be careful with this as it expires, so you want to add a little to a vert small batch, you dont want to be putting shampoo in the fridge as that is the only way to prevent the aloe vera juice from spoiling

Neem oil – with this you need only a few drops….about 7-10, just enough to keep the scalp healthy

Tea tree oilThis helps with dandruff and treatment of lice. Again 1-5 drops should be ok.

Argan oil

Jojoba oil

Olive oil

Vegetable Glycerine – This is a great oil that retains moisture  and prevents breakage of the hair strands, giving it that full luscious look

Castor oil – This oil gives good shine and seriously helps to eliminate itchiness of the scalp …in fact it works like magic on itchy scalp

Now that you know all the ingredients and recipe of the African black soap shampoo, try using the above listed products to on your hair.



There are no limitations when it comes to making your own black shampoo. Use the different oils to tweak the mixture for each wash, to give your hair a chance of enjoying the benefits of the many wonderful vitamins and nutrients that can be found in these different oils

You will be saving loads of money. Many households spend some $126 for shampoo every year. When you buy a bar of black soap and all the oils, they keep for a long time and can last you for 1-2 years depending on how often you wash your hair.

Another plus is that the shampoo rinses of really easily, leaving the hair soft and clean.

I hope you have happy, health hair with this recipe.







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