2 Case Studies of Before and After Pictures and Results from Using African Black Soap

Do you suffer from Acne, blemishes, hyper pigmentation, eczema,black spots???….

I am sure you will agree that there  is nothing worse than staring into the mirror first thing in the morning only to realize that for some reason, your blemishes, black spots and acne seem to be constantly multiplying.

You have tried mud masks…

you have tried charcoal masks…

you have tried acid wash, facial scrubs,……


You have tried every treatment under the sun….

Now what ?

In this article, we will  look at some black soap results;  dudu osun testimonies; 2 case studies of before and after pictures and results from real people that have actually successfully cured their skin problems using just raw African black soap

If you have been hiding your acne scars under makeup, look at the results, and think about giving one of the regimens below a try.

 Dudu Osun Black Soap Before and After  – Acne Results and Pictures 

A study  @ Wayne State University Dermatology department found that African black soap  is helpful for skin conditions like acne, vulgaris etc, and help to control excessively oily skin, and so far there are no scientific studies to refute the effectiveness of black soap when used on problematic skin.

This is good news for newbies who want to give this treatment a try.

Dudu osun is a popular raw black soap which Fair-rah and Brittnis (below) have used for their acne and have achieved great results, with before and after pictures to show their success.



If you are wondering how long does dudu osun  take to work, Let us look at  some dudu osun testimonies on what some users  said

dudu osun soap benefits

The below testimonies will highligh the dudu osun soap benefits as experienced by these two users. Her we will see their regimen and how long it took them to start seeing results

Case Study 1 : – (Fair_rah) -dudu osun before and after

.Fairrah had sprinkles of pimples on her cheeks but was able to successfully heal her acne and clear her skin in less that 1 year

How long does dudu osun take to work

  According to Fairrah, it took her about 3 weeks of using black soap before she started seeing any evidence of  results  .

If you are planning a dudu osun treatment, Fair-rah advises that you should give it a trial for at least 3 weeks and if there is no sign of improvement to your acne, then you need to stop.

 african black soap purging: 

In our case stduy, Fair-rah experienced some dryness of the skin especially on the first day of use. After the first week, her face was still very rough, but after abut 3 weeks, she noticed that the pimple heads has began to dry off

Fairrah’s Acne treatment Regimen:

The following routine helped her achieve great results of perfect smooth skin without any acne in less that 1 year

  • scrub face with  dudu osun every morning and night
  • drink plenty of water
  • Do not use any other facial cleanser while using the black soap to prevent any chemical reactions with the soap as this might affect the results.This way you will be able to quickly know if the soap is working for you or not.
  • Use a really good moisturizer on  your face after each wash to deal with the dryness.

black african soap before and after  pictures  – using dudu osun acne scares

dudu osun before and after results and pictures

Photo credits : fair_rah


Case Study 2 : Brittniss

Brittnis started the treatment having really really bad acne and blemishes. She had also tried numerous treatments to no avail, but got great results in less than 1 year.

How long: It took Brittnis less than 2 weeks to begin seeing result ,

what does dudu osun do to the skin 

skin purge: There was  breakout and a lot of redness on the spots on Brittnis’ skin.  By day 12 of using the soap,  there were no new flareups which was really good initial results. The skin around her nose and under her eyes looked the best they  had ever been in a long time.

Brittnis’ Acne treatment Regimen:

This regimen worked magic for Brittnis and gave her  smooth skin without any acne in less that 1 year

  • use raw African black soap  every morning and night
  • Apply Cetaphil moisturizer on  face after each wash
  • drink plenty of water

Credits Brittnissx3

So what soaps should you use?

Any 100% made in Africa raw black soap will do.

Every one deserves a  smooth acne, blemish free face. So give black soap a try and let us know about your black soap before and after results.

does dudu osun soap lighten skin

From the above testimonies, dudu osun does  more if clearing of skin that lightening. It is quite popular in Nigeria where it is not known to lighten skin. Most people in Nigeria use them for new born babies who have developed skin rashes. If it had lightening properties, it would not be used for babies.

Does dudu osun soap darken the skin or does african black soap burn skin?

Some people do complain that dudu osun burns their skin, and also darkens the skin. Been a user myself, I have not experienced darkening or burning so i guess this will have to depend on the type of skin or perhaps the weather. Most people that have complained that it darkens their skin reside in west africa where the sun is very hot. perhaps sun burn does contribute to the effect of whether or not you dudu osun soap darkens your skin or whether you feel a burning sensation or even form itchiness from black soap

is african black soap making acne worse?

Please not that some users might experience and adverse effect while using black soap for their acne, so if you are a new user, thread carefully but testing it sparingly on your body and then on your face and do not over scrub. if possible, start with a small patch on your skin so as not to make the the acne worse.

If you notice that the soap is actually making your acne worse, or you are beginning to breakout, then stop immediately to prevent further damage to your skin.



The Science Behind Common Over-the-Counter Remedies Used in Dermatology
August 2014 | Volume 13 | Issue 8 | Original Article | 960 | Copyright © 2014Ross Brothers MD, Rawn E. Bosley MD, and teven Daveluy MDWayne State University Department of Dermatology, Detroit, MI

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    1. my advise is to start with a small patch on your cheeks and see how your skin reacts to it. Do not scrub immediately, just wet the soap and rub all over your face and allow to dry like you would do a face mask. Not that you might experience some itchiness but this is ok.

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